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Open Green Spaces

Ever heard of Vitamin-O? O stands for Open space!

Discovering the Health Benefits of Open Space…


Research suggests that spending time regularly in open space can improve health and well-being.

Recent reports seem to show that the impacts of COVID lockdown on mental health depended on whether people were able to continue visiting open spaces.

BUT so far no-one understands precisely what aspect of the space brings that boost.

We are a group of researchers at Lancaster University who would like to discover more about how open spaces are used in Lancaster-Morecambe Bay and how they benefit different people.

We would like to ask for your help!


We invite you to fill out our online form, but before you do so please read our participant information sheet at the bottom of the page!

We hope that by sharing your “go-to” open space in Lancaster-Morecambe with us and letting us know why you love it, you will help us work out what, how and why different types and uses of open spaces appeal to different people.

By telling us about your favourite open space, what you use it for, how often and what you like about, you will help us build a picture of how open spaces are used in the local area and what is most valuable about them. Ultimately, we hope to gather enough information to answer our questions and identify the elusive “multi-vitamin O” that provides such a boost to our health.

Please make sure you have read the participant information sheet for further details of what data we would like to collect, how we plan to use it and how we will ensure that it remains secure and confidential.

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