Medical History Walk

Lancaster has a rich and fascinating history which includes a medieval leprosy hospital and one of the oldest surviving medical societies, the Lancaster and Morecambe Medical Society ( formerly the Lancaster Medical Book Club ), founded in 1823. 

History trail

This years (2021) Lancaster health festival allowed up to join two of Lancaster’s senior surgeons on a new Health History Trail, designed to include the main features of this history and produced especially for this year’s Health Festival. We heard some of the medical stories associated with Lancaster’s landmark buildings and find out about some of Lancaster’s lost hospitals and discovered the true stories of Dr. Buck Ruxton, the GP convicted of a double murder, and James Case, the part-time surgeon hanged in Lancaster.

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Photo of Thomas Howitt Jr. – Date uncertain

‘Resident Medical Officers pictured outside Royal Lancaster Infirmary – 1897’

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Medical History Walk Notes by DR Bryan Rhodes