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Music in Healthcare by Mary Dunsford..

Cultural Engagement at Patients’ Bedsides

In this fascinating podcast, Mary explores what it means to connect on a cultural level through music with patients, how this is done, and the impact of the work, both in the moment and lasting beyond.  Through discussion with other OPUS musicians working in this field, this podcast draws on a wealth of experience across a broad range of healthcare services.

The Century of the Mind

How powerful is your mind?  Is your mind in prison or free?  What simple changes could be made that might make you a new person or build a new community?  In this fascinating interview, neuroscientist Ian Robetson gives us an insight in to where the research is taking us.  For a full bio of Ian https://ianrobertson.org/


Love has its Scars

When your loved one dies of Covid 19 and you cannot grieve as normal, what do you do?  When that loved one is a frontline worker and a well known figure, what challenges does that present?  In April 2020, Simon Guest, radiographer at Furness General Hospital died of Covid 19 and it made the news.  In this thoughtful and poignant interview, his widow Nicky Guest speaks of her journey since that fateful day and how she has found a path of healing.  She offers her story to encourage others to share theirs.

Nicky Guest is a Person Centred and Rapid Transformational Therapist, with over 18 years’ experience working within the mental health field. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1335766/10862525