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Beyond the pandemic...

A key Message from the pandemic was that the best person to look after yourself was you: wash your hands, keep 2 meters distance, wear a mask. By doing these simple things, you reduced your chances of catching Covid 19.

What if that was true for other areas of health? What if we could make a major difference to our health by doing simple things? Well, the simple answer is - yes, we can. By making simple changes to our minds, bodies, food and relationships, we can have enormous benefits on our own health and wellbeing, and we can have fun doing it.

It is possible for us to make our lives better and more meaningful. It is possible for us to make our communities better places to live. It is possible for us to overcome the challenges of life!

What’s the key message of Bay Health Festivals? Beyond the pandemic, the best person to look after you, could be you.

Join us at The Bay Health Festivals to rediscover the lost art of living through food, entertainment, conversation and art. Find out what's on throughout the weekend

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