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Children cover thousands of miles in 'Walk the World' challenge

Schools all over the Lancaster area are making impressive progress in the Bay Health Festivals ‘Walk the World in 80 Days’ Challenge.

We invite schools to measure a set walking route and encourage pupils to cover as many laps as they can.

Each week we total up the number of laps, and work out how far the school has travelled on our virtual route around the world.

Starting in Lancaster, our route ends in Morecambe and goes via loads of well-known locations from Oslo to Nairobi to Mexico City.

Miles covered as of May 11 2023 are:

  • Christ Church Primary School, Lancaster: 667

  • Cockerham Primary School: 603

  • Leck St Peter's Primary School, Leck: 974

  • Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Carnforth: 2,002

  • St Patrick's Primary School, Heysham: 638

  • Trumacar Primary School, Heysham: 1,725

  • Willow Lane Primary School, Lancashire: 3,567

The aim of the event is to encourage children to take part in regular exercise, as well as discover more about the places and people along the round-the-world route.

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