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In Pole Position - ‘Making YOU a priority’

I‘m Bex - known as ‘Bexpoles’. I run a small purpose-built pole and aerial fitness studio in Carnforth, Lancashire. I’m passionate about encouraging and empowering adults to take up a new skill. My message is ‘making YOU a priority’ and I’m spreading this message any way I can.

Why is it so embarrassing to walk into a room as a complete beginner at something?

Because, as adults, we put up barriers and we’re not willing to be vulnerable. It’s not worth the ‘shame’ or ‘embarrassment’ if we’re not immediately amazing at the new skill.

I have built my entire business around three words: 'Strength, Empowerment and Confidence'. These three words are so important to me - I had them hand-painted on the studio’s back wall in huge letters. They are the ethos of my studio; they are the first thing every person sees when they walk through the door.

At Bexpoles we learn not to judge what our bodies look like, but learn to appreciate and respect our bodies for the amazing things they can do. Size, age, gender, race, ability, don’t matter in our classes. We turn up, support each other, give it our all and leave feeling stronger, empowered and confident.

The women in the room build each other up, there’s no tearing one another down. It’s purely women supporting women. (Although I’m focusing on women here, we teach quite a few men too!). We are each other's biggest cheerleaders. We laugh together, cry together - we support each other. We are a community.

Bexpoles Studio is an inclusive and non-judgemental space for EVERY body. The 6 instructors are a solid team, supporting each other, covering each other's classes when needed, socialising together, and caring for our students. We are passionate about empowering people to take up a new skill. We believe our achievements are not just our qualifications and many years' experience, but the deep sense of pride and community we’ve built.

We keep pushing forward with our personal development, our community, our mental health catch ups, supporting students in our own time supporting each other when we are all going through a hard time. I aim to be the best teacher, supporter and friend to my students, my instructors and to all those around me, and that's how we work together.

The studio is our happy place, and we share it, our knowledge, skills and compassion, with the aim of building women back up, giving them self-worth and self-esteem, making them feel valued again.

On a personal level, writing about this is a very moving experience and made me realise how much of a difference we are making in the local community with regards to fitness and wellness. I am a positive role model to my daughters, and I am truly blessed to be in a position to empower women, to lift people out of their darkest moments and allow them an hour or more to themselves to set themselves free, reflect or just forget their worries and put their head back in order.

Although I am not a therapist, I provide a safe space. I’m a pole instructor, a confidence booster, a cheerleader, a mood booster. I’m a woman in business, providing empowerment through fitness.

Remember this: 'You’ll never make progress when you are comfortable’.

‘Be uncomfortable, dance like no one is watching.'

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