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Worried about the cost of living?

Rising inflation means that the costs of energy and food are going up. . People who haven't had to count the pennies up to now may be starting to worry about affording things, or finding themselves having to budget carefully.

At Citizens Advice we speak to thousands of people about money issues, so you aren't alone if the rising cost of living is affecting you, or if you’re starting to worry about it - we know that money worries can have a real impact on health.

What can you do?

The first thing is we’d work with you to look at what money is coming in and going out. It might also be that you are entitled to benefits so we check on free sites like or where you can see if you're missing out on any money you could claim.

The next thing that we'll ask you about is debt. Loads of people have problem debt, and if you're struggling, don't suffer in silence. We know that debt doesn't go away so seek our free, confidential help if you need it. Our trained debt workers can help you with contacting your creditors and agreeing a repayment plan.

There's also a great budgeting tool on the Citizens Advice website that you can try - this will ask you about everything you spend so you can see if there are areas where you can cut back and save money. Take a look at

Behind with your rent or mortgage? Seek help - it's best to address the issue early so you don't risk homelessness. . Our advisers can talk to you about your options.

Finally, if you are in a financial crisis and don't have enough money for food, heat or electric then seek help NOW. We can refer you to a foodbank or a food club, and help you apply for the Household Support Fund when this opens.

Citizens Advice is here to give people the knowledge and confidence they need to help themselves find a way forward - whoever they are and whatever their problem. Our service is local, free and confidential. We can also help with employment,

family issues and more.

Contact us by phone: 0808 278 7882 or by email:

If you'd like a face to face appointment call our Admin Team

on 01524 400404

Our offices are on Queen Street in

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