7th - 10th July 2022


Rediscovering the lost art of living.

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Why aren’t we living as well as we could, given all the possibilities we have in society?

The answer that we came up with, was to stop telling people that they need to change and start celebrating the fact that we can change!

Serving The Bay

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Music, Art and Having Fun!


Local Food and Local People


Taking Mental Health Seriously


No upcoming events at the moment

Our History

2016: The seed of the health festival was planted.

2017: The first festival taking place, engaging 500 people.

2018: The second festival took place and engaged with 2,000 people.

2019: The third Lancaster Health Festival engaged with almost 4,000 people.

2020: Took a different turn, we bought the art of living online and into people’s own homes! 

2021: We bought a hybrid of online and in person events!