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the lost art of living.

July 13 & 14 2024

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Celebrating the changes we can make to live happier, healthier lives

Serving The Bay

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Music, Art and Having Fun!


Local Food and Local People


Taking Mental Health Seriously



Our History

2016: The seed of the health festival was planted.

2017: The first festival taking place, engaging 500 people.

2018: The second festival took place and engaged with 2,000 people.

2019: The third Lancaster Health Festival engaged with almost 4,000 people.

2020: Took a different turn, we bought the art of living online and into people’s own homes! 

2021: We bought a hybrid of online and in person events!

2022: Our biggest festival yet - we engaged with more than 40.000 people online and face to face, and introduced a new cycling activity.

2023: Another year of growth for Bay Health Festivals, with thousands of attendees across our events and activities.

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